My VO2 Results & understanding what it means

Ok, so I spent the money to find out what my VO2 max…. and luckily it included a thorough explanation of what it all means, enough to make a layperson’s head to spin, but wow, I believe it was worth it.  I was blindly training, running out the door, without any real idea.  Of course, that simplicity was, is, and will always be a pleasure.  However, now, if I want to figure out how to improve, how to get faster, how to keep a faster pace, how to run more efficiently, to make my “fuel” last till the end of the trip, the test has taken most of the guess work out of it.  My peak VO2 score of 34.8, in relation to my age placed me in the “Excellent” rating, just short of the highest “Superior” >35.7, not too bad.  My peak heart rate was 156, my aerobic threshold was 105 bpm, and my anaerobic threshold rate was 119 bpm.

This means my target heart rate for my aerobic base  zone, to develop my endurance and burn fat is between 105 and 115 bpm.  My lactate tolerance heart rate is 145 bpm, and brief intense intervals for developing speed max heart rate is 150 bpm.

So what does this all mean?  I’m going to start wearing that heart rate monitor that came with my Garmin  GPS, and try to stick to these guidelines during my training.

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